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Invisible Grille F.A.Q

Are Invisible Grille safe for young children?

The invisible grilles system are actually stainless steel cables measuring 2 to 2.3mm thick. These cables are able to withstand up to 80kg before breaking, and customers have the option to keep the distance between the cables between 2 and 4 inches wide. The industry practice recommends a 3 inches separation between the cables. It would take a young child considerable effort to slip through the gap.

Are invisible grilles hard to maintain?

No. the steel cables that acted as the grilles are coated with a layer of nano-technology membrane for extra protection against external weather elements and caters for easy cleaning and maintenance. The stainless steel cables are effectively anti-rust and anti-dust.

Can invisible grilles be installed on all types of windows and balconies?

The invisible grilles system can be customised to fit windows and balconies of varying sizes so long there are space where we can mount the wall plugs and cable tracks that will hold the cables in place.

Can I slide open the invisible grilles after installing it?

Unlike conventional grilles, the invisible grilles system does not allow for sliding access because it requires fixed mountings to maintain its structural strength. If you are intending to install invisible grilles, do ensure that all your windows are in good condition and you have done all the required maintenance on your windows to avoid future hassles.
However, if you require sliding version, we can customize for you.

Is it expensive to install invisible grilles system?

Invisible grilles system generally costs more than traditional window grilles but will help you save in the long run due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Besides being more aesthetically pleasing due to the lack of chunky grilles, invisible grilles system offers better view, maximise natural lighting, and ensures safety of the residents, especially for open view balconies.

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